Meet The Bridesmaids


Meet The Bridesmaids

Maid of Honor: Thea Rodenburg

Thea is shy, introverted, and very socially anxious...is what someone would say if they were lying. Instead, it is quite the opposite.  There has never been a more outgoing and fun-loving person.  Thea is Sam's oldest friend and they have been causing trouble together since 1988.  Growing up as neighbors they spent much of their childhood running away to each other's houses and enjoying long summer days (as well as the occasional winter one) at their beach club.  Thea is more than a friend to Sam, she is a sister.  Thea is from Rumson, NJ, attended the University of Arizona, and now lives in Amsterdam where she works at Spotify and drinks Hieneys all dang day!  (P.S. Ask her to bark like a dog.)

Matron Of Honor: Sara wallace

Growing up Sam used to beg Sara to promise that in the event anything happened to Thea (Sara's sister) she would immediately assume the role of Sara's Maid Of Honor.  WELL, that ship sailed when Sara was married in May of 2016, but Sam decided to take the higher road and bestow the Matron Of Honor title upon Sara.  Sara is also one of Sam's oldest friends and Sam considers Sara as another sister.  From RCC Junior Activities, to a family trip to Greece, to the high school awkward years, Sara has been there for Sam through it all.  Sara is from Rumson, NJ, attended college at the University of Arizona, and is now living the newlywed life with her husband Jason in Albuquerque, NM.  (Helpful hint:  Sara is gluten free, so be sure to snatch those appetizers she will need to pass over at cocktail hour.) 



Bridesmaid: Grace Wingerter

Grace is one of Sam's best friends...and worst nightmares.  Grace and Sam attended high school together (just going to say it, Grace threw the best parties) and go back even further to Pop Warner Cheerleading days.  Grace and Sam have run a handful of half marathons together and celebrated each one with even more effort than they ran them.  What Sam really appreciates about Grace is not her amazing friendship (though that is nice too), but that she is always up for a Crazee's Ice Cream date (always willing to pay in quarters, dimes, and nickels).  Ask Goose about the time that she and Sam got lost for hours on a local hiking trail.  Grace is from Fair Haven, NJ, attended college at Drew University, and lives in Manhattan, NY. 


Jacqueline has a big smile, an infectious laugh, and is one of the kindest people Sam knows.  She has been a true blue friend to Sam for many, many years.  These two have been in school together and great friends since early elementary school days (#NoNewFriends).  Jacqueline and Sam love goofing off together and that is very apparent when they go to the same fitness classes.  You can often find these two laying on their mats in a fit of uncontrollable giggles disrupting the class.  Jacqueline and Sam have shared a trip to Italy, attended countless concerts, and run a half marathon together.  They have also taken quite a few bike rides with each other (one that ended in a broken arm for Sam, a day that will live in infamy).  Jacqueline is from Rumson, NJ, attended school at Salve Regina University, and currently lives in Manhattan, NY.  On Mondays you can guarantee that Jacqueline, Sam, and Grace are watching The Bachelor over a tray of waffle ice cream sandwiches and the occasional sushi platter.

Bridesmaid: Katie Malone

As all great friendships begin, Katie and Sam met in a dark basement of a fraternity house at Roanoke College.  As the base was bumping to the ever-appropriate song, “Love In This Club” by Usher & Young Jeezy their friendship began.  Sam was dressed in a Buzz Lightyear costume and harassed Katie until she agreed to come to her Delta Gamma Sorority rush event.  In fact, Sam bothered Katie every single day until she had no choice but to become her friend.  Katie and Sam love singing show tunes, making plans to build an elite dog hotel (Waterbone), and watching Pitbulls and Parolees.   If you see these two plotting together in the corner at the wedding, run as far as you can.  Katie lives on Nantucket with her boyfriend Jimmy and their two beautiful Goldens (Ellie and Dory).


Bridesmaid: Audrey Somero

Audrey is Troy’s younger sister.  The first time Sam and Audrey met they made the mistake of ordering a $68 bottle of elderberry cider from Aaron Burr’s Family Cidery while Troy was in the restroom (fun fact: only a few hundred are produced per year!).  Their friendship only grew from there.  Audrey is quick witted, extremely smart (fluent in Hebrew!), and a lover all things food (much like Sam).  More often than not Troy is woken up to the sounds of Audrey and Sam’s text messages plotting their restaurant route for her next visit to NYC.  Audrey is from Middlebury, CT and attended Northeastern University.  Audrey currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel with her boyfriend Tom and sweet doggy Sam.


Meet The Groomsmen

Meet The Groomsmen


Brady has been one of Troy's best friends since the first grade.  A fiercely loyal, sometimes stubborn, always dependable person, Brady is consistently up for a good time and a new adventure.  Troy looks back on years of great friendship involving sleepovers at Brady's house and trips to beaches throughout New England.  Having lived in Korea, Nicaragua, and Boston since college, Brady currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and works as a lawyer for the National Labor Relations Board.  Despite his academic record and career success, he has one fatal flaw that Troy hopes he will someday overcome: he is a Yankees fan.  Look out for some impressive, albeit unique dance moves from Brady at the reception.


Jordan and Troy bonded on the basketball courts of Middlebury, CT back in elementary school and their friendship has blossomed ever since then.  Famous for his eighth grade stunt of hitting the most memorable basket in Middlebury Parks and Rec Basketball history (ask Brady about it), Jordan's life has only gotten better from there.  Troy's Mom has always said that Jordan is the most polite person she knows, but she has clearly never played in a fantasy football league with him like Troy has for the past decade.  Jordan earned a Psy.D in 2013 and currently works at Penn State University, residing with his wife Michelle and baby boy Joaquin in State College, PA.  However, don't let all of these milestones fool you: Jordan is a complete goofball.  Ask him about his weird obsession with John Mayer when you have the opportunity.


Matt and Troy met just before Junior year at Colgate when a random housing lottery scenario put them in the same six-person apartment.  This ended up being one of the best things to happen to Troy, as most of his best friends from college - Matt included - were made during Junior year.  After college, Matt and Troy shared two apartments together in New York and continue to be close friends to this day.  Matt is always up for grabbing a drink, taking a weekend trip, or irrationally supporting the NY Jets no matter what.  Matt currently resides in Manhattan, NY with his wife Margaret.  Troy has been sure to inform Margaret of Matt's many idiosyncrasies, including his constant domination of meal prep time in the kitchen and to not mess with him if the Mets are in the playoffs.


"Woody" and Troy met just before Junior year at Colgate in that same aforementioned housing situation.  The two quickly became great friends and spent their post-college years hanging out together everywhere from Colorado to New Hampshire to San Francisco to Ireland.  Woody is always up for getting hustled on the golf course, a deep conversation, and an impromptu get together.  Luckily for Troy (and Sam!), two years ago Woody's work brought him back to the East Coast and he currently resides in Hoboken, NJ.  If you aren't sure who he is at the wedding, wait until Journey comes on during the reception.  Also, if he introduces himself to you as "Chris" at the wedding, please call him Woody. 


Zack and Troy became friends at the tail-end of their high school careers when their similarly heavy academic workloads brought the two brilliant minds together as friends.  One of Troy's fondest memories is visiting Zack for a weekend at Penn State Sophomore year.  In fact, the weekend was so much fun that Troy is happy he didn't attend Penn State for four years.  Despite living far apart most of their adult lives, Zack is always good about calling Troy to ask for his advice on just about anything: Digital marketing strategy, NFL officiating, and how to properly mow a lawn.  Zack currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Paula, baby girl Evelyn, and dog Porter (Sam's a big fan).  While Zack's friendly personality sets him apart from most, his boisterous laugh will make a statement at the wedding in an inopportune moment.


Eric and Troy have grown close over the last three years primarily because he is Sam's brother.  Despite that convenience, Troy has appreciated the "Sam knowledge" that Eric has been known to drop.  Whether it is providing a voice of reassurance when Sam gets overly excited about something or disproving the rumor that Sam is Swedish, Eric clearly has the makings of a great brother-in-law.  Eric currently resides in Hartford, VT with his girlfriend Kathy, their four dogs and their two cats.  Be sure to ask him about his K-9 partner Dozer at the wedding, and if you do, make sure to keep any illegal paraphernalia at home.  Once Dozer gets a whiff of it, you're done for.